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Lamia Gabal-Shehab, M.D., FPMRS
Chief of Urology Division at Saint Joseph Hospital Orange County
with subspecialty board certification in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery
Lamia Gabal-Shehab
Lamia Gabal-Shehab
Dr. Gabal-Shehab, a Southern California native, returned to her home in Orange County after 10 years of medical school, surgery and urology training in San Diego. She practices general urology, with expertise in infertility, female urology, urologic oncology and everything in between. She is up on the latest techniques and methods for treatments such as the minimally invasive mini sling for incontinence, the Interstim sacral neuromodulation device for over or under active bladder , and hand assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy for kidney cancer.

"I believe that each person is an individual and, as such, should be treated with individualized counseling, therapies and plans of action. Taking an active part in one's healthcare is also very important. That's why I take lots of time with each of my patients, explaining the details of each person's situation so that he or she can be a participant in deciding upon their course of treatment."

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