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  • I am in good shape already, but I have stubborn fat around my lower mid-section that just won't go away. Sindy hooked me up to the machine and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. Only 25 minutes of cool and warm tingling and that was it. I look forward to my 6 week photos! Stay tuned! (37 Year Old Male in Shape)

  • Over the past few years the pounds seem to come on easier as i age. I wear suits for work and get most of my clothes made custom. What lead me to SculpSure is my shirts were fitting too snug and after I spent thousands on getting new shirts made I wanted some help quickly. I am a workaholic and don't get to the gym as much as I should, and being realistic with myself I knew that hard work in the gym alone wasn't going to get these tight shirts fitting better anytime soon. I was going to get coolsculpt but after the consult I didnt have the time to dedicate 4 hours to having my abs done. Are you kidding me? There is no Freaking way I'm sitting in any chair that long or wasting that kind of time. My wife got an email from Ballantyne Plastic Surgery and forwarded it to me. It advertised 24% fat reduction in 25 mins a procedure called SculpSure. Boom I'm in. I had the procedure done, it wasn't bad at all. The best part is I was in and out of the office in literally 35 minutes and back to work. I'm happy to say 6 weeks later my shirts fit! Great investment. I will post my pictures when i go back in. I'm getting my love handles next. (Regular Dude Trying to Get a Little Help with "Dadbod")

  • Had procedure done in a Atlanta in February and wanted to wait until "full result" to post. I had tried CoolSculpting a few years ago and wasn't with that treatment at all. It took a long time- several hours and the massage after the procedure was very painful The office had trouble getting the applicator to get a good "draw" with my fat and she they finally did the first 10-15 minutes were really tough. I had heard good things about SculpSure and that it was faster, with less pain and there was no risk for long periods of after effects from the treatment. I had my love handles and upper/lower abdomen done and was in and out in less than an hour and a half. I had taken the afternoon off work, but could have probably taken just a couple hours off and go back to the office. I went in and the tech fit the brackets for the love handles first then had the abdomen done. Both took 25 minutes and there was no aftercare. Literally, took the lasers off and was able to check out. I would describe the procedure as feeling some warmth then cooling throughout the 25 minutes, definitely not uncomfortable. Very cool machine and I realized when I went back for pictures and weight I actually had gained a 4 pounds but the love handles looked flatter and more toned. Abdomen, especially my upper was noticeably flatter where before it was thick and what I would call a "trouble area for me. Hope this helps anyone considering SculpSure, especially if your thinking about having Coolsculpting as an alternative. (Awesome Result on "Love Handles" and Abdomen!)

  • I was visiting LA and my friend has been raving about SculpSure. It was easy to set up an appointment and the procedure was SO quick and painless! I am already seeing results on my "love handles" and my confidence has been boosted. This has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself and I can't wait to try SculpSure again! (Results Are Real!)

  • When I was in college and in my 20's I wasn't the most motivated man with regards to working out. I was 30 lbs over weight, and finally got my butt in gear early in my 30's. I work out 5 days a week religiously, but never fully lost my love handles. I went to a well known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills with some serious skepticism about Sculpsure, but have been impressed with my early results. The Sculpsure treatment was simple, totally comfortable (you feel it, but very tolerable) and while I am only about 5 weeks out I can see a difference and my wife can as well. I wanted to post this because I would NEVER do liposuction, and think there are a lot of people that would benefit from such a simple treatment. (35 YO Male Workout Freak with Love Handles)

  • I had SculpSure in November of my abdomen. I am so glad that I decided to have the treatment done. I exercise regularly and my diet is pretty healthy for the most part, but have been unable to lose the fat in my tummy. Since the treatment I have lost a total of 3 inches and couldn't be happier. I was slightly sore after the treatment like I worked out a little to hard but that subsided after a few days. I definitely feel more comfortable in form fitting clothes and can't wait to hit the beach this summer. (SculpSure of Abdomen)

  • I have always had large thighs, but not enough to undergo an invasive procedure. I had considered cool sculpting, but after reading the possible negative side effects of 'shark bitting' appearance or shelving, nerve damage and pain, I decided I wasn't willing to take the risk. A friend had the SculpSure procedure on her flanks and the difference was very noticable! She said it was not painful, but did get very hot feeling, almost to the point of being too hot before it cools. I guess if you are killing fat cells there would have to be some level of discomfort. Anyway, I made a consult appointment and decided to go for it. So glad I did!! The staff was very informative and knowlegable. The procedure was a little uncomfortable at times, but I would not say painful. The results have been amazing! I am very happy I decided to proceed. The difference is noticable but you do have to be patient; it is not instant. The way they explained the process is the fat cells are distroyed by the laser and your body's lymphatic system takes away the dead cells over time; about 12 weeks for full results. I am at the 10 weeks point and am very satisfied. I may decided to have another treatment after 12 weeks for additional removal. (Fat Thighs and Inner Legs!)

  • I am a 47-year old woman who experiences plenty of judgment related to my appearance because I am a top female executive in my employer - a Fortune 500 company in Palm Beach, FL. Needed desperately to improve my body contour and found the answer with SculpSure. Wow! I feel much more confident with a renewed ability to compete against younger and very attractive men and women. Now I do not worry about my appearance as much and have been much more focused on doing a great job at work in the past month! (SculpSure is a Miracle!)

  • Non-invasive treatment,painless,no side effects, no downtime. I came in to have fat removed from my flanks-love handles. The staff was courteous and professional. The procedure was explained to me fully. The price was reasonable and worth it. I highly recommend. (I'm Being Treated to Lose my 'Love Handles)

  • Best decision I could have made! I was unsure of wether I wanted regular lipo or if SculpSure would actually make a difference. I didn't want the down time of regular lipo so went for SculpSure and hoped for the best! The results have been way more than I could have ever imagined! I was told it would take at least 5 weeks to really see a difference but I noticed a HUGE difference in just 2 weeks!!! Final results take about 12 weeks and I'm already way passed any result I would have thought I would ever see in the 12 weeks and can't wait to see end results! (Hate Working out but Needed to Do Something!)

  • I had this done to attack my stubborn belly pooch and my upper back thighs (right under my booty). The whole process was quick and easy. It just feels like a heating pad with a blast of cool every so often. It was painless during and after the procedure. I went back to work right after and went to the gym that night. There was no redness or any sign that I had anything done. (31 Years Old with a Stubborn Pooch)

  • I had cool sculpt done and it was painful. It took over and hour without the massage that I need after on the area treated. Sculpsure was great no pain just heat. no down time, no discomfort after . Went about my day as if I had done nothing at all. I am already seeing results. so happy!!! 25 minutes and done. (Flat Tummy Fast.....25 Minutes)

  • Thoughts I have been wanting to get a fat reduction procedure on my flanks for years without the downtime! SculpSure is perfect, it's a non-invasive FDA-cleared laser treatment for stubborn fat for the flanks and abdomen. There's no downtime, painless and only 25 mins to treat multiple areas! The best thing is that I can resume my normal activity the same day! I Absolutely love my results, and would recommend it to everyone! I cannot wait to find another area to do additional treatments! (39 Years Old, Treated with SculpSure, Great Results!)

  • I recently had a baby and have an innertube around my waist. I've tried everything to get rid of it with no success. I saw a commercial for SculpSure and went in for a consult. The treatment was really fast (25 minutes) and easy. Results will manifest in 8-12 weeks. Can't wait to see the results. So excited I did it! (New Mom Needing to Feel to Good About Herself Again.)